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McCOMBICAL PREDICTION DECK (Bridge Size, Aviator) Zoom


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    Magician selects one person to be his/her helper.  This person takes a seat on stage to the right of the magician.  The magician shows the audience a blue backed deck of cards.  After much deliberation. the magician selects one card. this card is called his prediction card.   This prediction card is shown to the audience but not to the volunteer.  For example. let us say the card selected was the five of hearts.  The magician then introduces a red backed deck of cards.  He/she tells the audience that he/she will have his/her volunteer select a card from this deck and hopefully. it will match his/her prediction card.  The magician fans the faces of the cards towards the audience and they laugh as they see that all the faces are the same - the Five of Hearts!  The magician now takes one card at a time from the top of the deck and asks the volunteer assistant to say "STOP!" when he/she feels that card is a match for the prediction.  Once the decision is made. the performer flashes the face of the card to the audience once more and then places the card on the volunteer's outstretched palm.  After recapping what took place. the volunteer is asked to look at the card they selected and to name it in a clear and loud voice.  To the amazement of the audience and to the horror of the magician it proves to be a different card. say Ten of Clubs!  Not only does it not match the prediction card shown earlier - it somehow was selected from a deck of all Five of Hearts!  The magician takes this Ten of Clubs and studies it intently.  The magician shrugs his shoulders. picks up his prediction and triumphantly shows this card also as a Ten of Clubs!  THIS IS A VERY VERY NICE EFFECT!  

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