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    A performer requests a volunteer to help them out with a routine. An egg and a bag are displayed. The bag is shown inside and out. and the egg is given to the volunteer. The volunteer drops the egg into the bag. The performer takes the egg from the bag and appears to place it under their arm. The bag is shown empty and after some joking around. the arm is lifted and the egg is gone. The volunteer checks inside the bag. but no sign of the egg. The volunteer is instructed to make chicken sounds while moving their arms up and down. The Volunteer checks the bag once more and the egg has returned! Many Many routines are possible with this special bag. The Malini bag is 8" Long by 7.5" Width and made from Silk Material. For more great ideas check out our egg bag video or our Eggs-Actly Eggs. We recommend a small Eggs-Actly Egg for use with the Malini Egg Bag.
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