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    Tell your friend a story about how you went to a casino and placed a bet at the blackjack table. You let them know that you are not really much of a gambler and only placed a .25 cent bet. When you say that you show them a .25 cent poker chip with 25 written on it. Next you tell them that you won! and now the chip has transformed into a .50 cent poker chip. You keep telling them that you won and then you lost. all the while the chip in your hand changes from .25 to .50. Finally you tell them that you cashed in the next time you reached .50. all of a sudden they see a real half dollar in your hand! Nothing else is in your hand. The finish is clean. Very well made set of coins. Note: The big climax is really great because they think that you are just turning the poker chip around to show .25 or .50 and then they see a real half dollar on BOTH SIDES!
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