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    Magician pulls out 3 "GO" sponges. "Before I go I have time for one more trick". Now a spectator is asked to pick one of the "GO's". The Magician gives the spectator the chosen sponge. he then picks up one of the other "GO's" and tells the spectator to "Say go". The Magician says "It's gone" and shows that his sponge has vanished. Now the spectator opens their hand and finds two "GO's". The magician places the two "GO" sponges back in the spectators hand. He then takes the last "GO" and places it in his hand "It's time to go. Say go. it's gone." He opens his hand and shows that the "GO" has vanished. The spectator opens their hand and finds all three "Go's". The Magician now takes all three "GO's" and gives them to another spectator to hold and explains that all three "GO's" will disappear. The Magician says "They're Gone!" and asks the spectator if they are gone. The spectator says no because they can still feel the sponges. the Magician insists that the sponges are "Gone" and asks the spectator to open their hand. When the spectator opens their hand they find that the "GO's" have gone and the only thing in their hand is the sponge word GONE! Get this one today before they are all gone! Very nice super soft red colored sponge with very clean cut sponge words.
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