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    The Magician produces two brass goblets and four dimes. The audience is told that these are ancient mystical goblets from the lost city of Atlantis. and the coins will fly from one goblet to the other by simply rubbing them together. Four dimes (not supplied) are placed into one of the goblets. The empty goblet is turned upside down and rubbed against the other. All of a sudden everyone hears a clink sound as one dime drops from the empty goblet and only three dimes are poured out of the other. The three dimes are placed back into the empty goblet. The process is repeated. and two dimes are left. The process is repeated again leaving only one coin. Finally. the process is repeated a final time. The last coin magically appears from the empty goblet. and nothing comes out of the other goblet which had been loaded with the last coin. Very nice props and smooth routine. MADE FROM SOLID BRASS!
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